Welcome! I’m Cassandra, the deeply passionate, compulsively creative, artistic autodidact obsessed with discovering the harmonizing elements of the mind, body and spirit. 

I have always loved learning about what makes people tick. My adult life has been spent navigating and gathering tools to support highly sensitive people. Using mental, emotional, spiritual and physical techniques we can learn to feel safe to share our creative gifts with the world.

My mission is to offer you pragmatic practices for self awareness, self regulation & emotional intelligence so you can allow your authentic core genius to flourish.

I know you are here with the blueprint of your life purpose encoded within you. Nobody is broken. Just clogged. You already have all the resources within you to become that which you are designed to be. Sometimes it just about getting out of our own way.

Most of us have at least a few outdated beliefs that are in our way that make us play out patterns in our lives that we don’t like. Even though these patterns were downloaded and imprinted with the best intentions, to ensure our surviving (and ideally thriving) on our Earth walk, some of these subconscious habits are no longer applicable.

Moving through the shadowy blindspots can, at times, be nearly impossible to do alone (as our system is amazing at self preservation.) My goal is to help you identify, explore, integrate and recreate habits and patterns that work for who you are NOW and who you are designed to be this lifetime. YOU, the real you. We need YOU in your power.

I believe you are here for a reason. I want to support you living a life that you love. Specializing in: optimizing efficiency, life clean up, energetic system anatomy, self care, enhanced intuition, internal dialog reprogramming, building rapport, authentic self expression, emotional self care, morning rituals, state changes, embodied sensuality, goals activation and beyond.


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