Cassandra is a multifaceted life alchemist.

She has found a method for balancing the inner needs of an introvert hermit with the external needs of being in service to the world. She has spent her introverted life immersed in the fields of study. “This iteration of the world functions in feedback loops, so you get what you give. I can only go as far out as I go in.” So here within lie some of the offerings of a passionate socially functional introvert and ravenous autodidact.

Inspired to help heal the world by healing herself, she knows there are other other highly sensitive people who need tools and techniques to support them feeling vibrantly self expressed.

Her intellectual passions emerged as philosophy, zen and communication studies in 2002. Since 2004 she has taken her lifelong artistry pursuit to the stage as a costume designer for her belly dance, burlesque performances, fire shows and beat poetry. Since 2014 she has been certified as an advanced Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner.Since then she has been alchemizing with her studies in energy psychology, neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, unified field theory physics and epigenetic to create a series of moving meditations and self regulation practices specifically for socially functional introverts.

Alchemy of Power aims to ignite the most vibrant self. Cassandra is dedicated to empowering you to live the best version of your unique creative genius. The focus is on creating experiential wisdom and offering techniques for the highly sensitive people of this world to step into their own alchemy of power. Ready to be the best version of yourself? Let’s unify mind, body and spirit to activate who we are designed to be and beyond.